The concept of development of the project assumes the development of the format "city in the city" and the preservation of the altitude of the old microdistrict - the residential complex provides for low-rise buildings from 4 to 9 floors.

RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX "Faina Town" will be fundamentally different from the existing housing offer in the capital. This project assumes closed from the vehicles access surrounding territory that ensuremaximum safety of pedestrian's movement within residential areas and provide comfort for all of its inhabitants.

The complex will be organized with its own infrastructure, such as shops, cafes, a supermarket, a fitness club, children's playgrounds, areas for both families and for the elderly.
  • Project Office - Archimatika
  • The total area is 542,088 m2
  • Number of apartments - 8 339
  • Parking - 3225 sq.m.
  • Site — faynatown.com.ua
  • 2 pre-school educational institutions;
  • Comprehensive and Music school;
  • Clinic of modern medicine, dental clinic, veterinary clinic;
  • Creation of pedestrian promenade and cycling infrastructure with a total length of more than 3.5 km;
  • Children's, sport's and recreational area;
  • Fitness club with swimming pool;
  • Shopping center with a food supermarket, shops, catering establishments as well as points of social services for neighborhood residents (including facilities for selling social bread, farm products, etc.).
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