Park City
A unique example of a city within the city, Park City is spread out over 17 hectares right through the heart of the most expensive real estate in Ukraine, and features everything from residences to a carefully preserved vast historical park.

«Kristerova Horka» is a 400-year-old park we have revitalized for the benefit of Park City residents and the general public alike. Over 4 hectares of green lawns, perfect for picnics and sunbathing; shadowy groves in which all of the surrounding buildings, all of the traffic noise and people, disappear; paths for strolling, lakes for fishing; many fields for playing sports; it's all Park City now, only a few minutes away from downtown Kiev.

This innovative integration of modern urban living conveniences within a natural oasis makes for a truly luxurious «green» experience for Park City residents. Its excellence and uniqueness has been acknowledged by the very prestigious "Best Residential Building in Ukraine" Award from the Ukranian Ministry of Regional Development and Construction in 2014.
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  • Location - 45 Vyshkhorodska Street, Kyiv
  • Design Bureau – Arhimatika
  • Gross Building Area (GBA) – 450,000 sq. m
  • Number of apartments - 3 355
  • Parking - 2 485 places
  • Construction - Q3 2007 – Q3 2015
  • a modern and fully equipped fitness center;
  • an underground parking lot;
  • children's playgrounds;
  • sports fields;
  • tennis courts;
  • variety of cafes and restaurants;
  • a supermarket and many other stores;
  • a dental clinic.
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