The residential quarter Respublika is a continuation of low-rise quarterly projects developed jointly by KAN Development and ARCHIMATIKA architectural workshops.

The new residential quarter is distinguished by the balance of all components of modern human life. In the residential quarter of Respublika, the concept of courtyards without cars is implemented, which allows you to fully use the entire space around the buildings and discover something new every day.

This is facilitated by the division of space into areas such as recreation, sports, dog walking, children's walks and parking spaces. In this case, even if each apartment will have two cars, for everyone there is a place for parking.

Respublika will become the largest residential area in the history of Ukraine, which, like Comfort Town, will be even noticeable from outer space. In fact, in the Republic a whole city is created from a clean sheet, a quality living environment that starts from scratch. Thanks to the large area and low floor space, the authors of the project managed to create a comfortable environment in which people are not limited to the walls of their apartments.
  • Architectural bureau - Archimatika
  • Total area — 250 000 sq. m
  • Web-site—
  • Kindergarten;
  • School;
  • Modern medical center;
  • Cycling infrastructure;
  • Children's, sports zones and leisure zones on the territory of the residential complex;
  • BBQ zone;
  • Courts for Paddle-Tennis
  • 2 football fields
  • 2 basketball fields
  • an interactive playground for dogs
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